lunch service

The ValdeSerra International school canteen forms part of their educational Project. It is much more than a canteen, it is a time and space for learning about healthy and sustainable habits, of culture and socialization.

We have our own kitchen and we have adapted diets for any type of allergy, intolerance, or pathology. All our menus are supervised by professional nutritionists.

We encourage the use of seasonal products and of proximity with a varied and balanced Mediterranean diet.

We educate them about our own culture, English speaking, and German speaking cultures, with traditional meals on certain dates.

We teach them to value good manners while at the table, as a sign of respect to the rest of the eaters and an indispensable Good as the food.

Our bilingual table is an opportunity to share the table with our native personnel, using English in a more relaxed environment.

On the table restaurant our students can familiarize themselves with a more formal environment, in which the trays are changed for plates and a tablecloth, where they pay specific attention to protocol and table manners.


ValdeSerra International School counts on 7 routes that cover the whole area, in which the students are accompanied by personal staff. Click on each route to see the details, sure you have a bus stop nearby! If not, get in touch with us and we will look into it.

departure stop return
7:40 MACAEL – Avda. Andalucía 18:05
7:45 OLULA – Avda. Macael (Junto Luimasa) 18:00
7:50 FINES – Junto Rest. El Sevillano 17:55
8:05 ALBOX – Mañana LA MOLATA ——-
——- ALBOX- Tarde Ctra. Estación 17:40
8:15 ARBOLEAS – Centro Interpretación 17:30
departure stop return
8:05 HUERCAL OVERA – Recinto Ferial 17:40
——- REAL DE ANTAS – Rest. Josemar 17:25
8:30 VERA – Estación de Autobuses 17:15
departure stop return
7:40 CARBONERAS – Puerto 18:05
7:45 CARBONERAS – Parada Bus 18:00
7:48 CARBONERAS – Polideportivo 17:57
8:05 MACENAS 17:40
8:10 MOJACAR PLAYA – Pueblo Diana 17:35
——- MOJACAR PLAYA – Cueva del Lobo 17:32
8:15 MOJACAR PLAYA – Pueblo Indalo 17:30
8:25 MOJACAR PLAYA – Continental 17:20
8:30 MOJACAR PLAYA – Marina de la Torre 17:15


departure stop return
7:55 AGUILAS – Cruce Autopista 17:50
8:05 AGUILAS – El Labradorcico 17:40
8:15 TERREROS – Bazar Chino 17:30


departure stop return
8:10 PULPI – Restaurante Los Álamos 17:35
8:15 GUAZAMARA – Bar El Puente 17:30
8:20 LOS LOBOS – Gasolinera 17:25
8:30 CUEVAS – Estación Autobuses 17:15
departure stop return
8:10 LOS GALLARDOS – Bar Recreo 17:35
8:20 TURRE – Parada Bus 17:25
8:25 MOJACAR – La Fuente 17:20
8:30 GARRUCHA – Parada Bus 17:15
8:35 GARRUCHA – Mercadona 17:10
8:37 GARRUCHA – Las Marinas 17:08
departure stop return
departure stop return
7:40 RETAMAR – Paseo de Castañeda, 92 18:05
7:45 Area Servicio EL 21 18:00
8:05 VENTA DEL POBRE 17:40


We work on offering you a better service, but for the moment for information and the acquisition of uniforms and books, please get in touch with secretary.

Extracurricular classes

Each student from ValdeSerra International School is unique and unforgettable. Their interests, those activities in which they stand out or specially motivates them may not be represented in the curriculum, focused nearly just on the academic side of things.

ValdeSerra International School proposes that each year extracurricular classes open to all children from the area, for all the educational stages and at various times. With these classes we reinforce fundamental aspects for the development of their integral personality, which allows the student to explore individual talents and to discover new interests like sports, artistic or creative activities and personal growth.

Summer Camps

And when school finishes, what better than to attend our summer camps, where you can build genius robots or practice English but, above all, they can have fun and rest from all of their hard work during the school year, meanwhile their families continue with their Jobs.

The summer camps can be done by days, weeks, or fortnights. They are designed specifically for the age of the attendees, also they can or not have overnight stays, and are open to our students as well as students from the area. If you would like to know more, give us a call or fill in the following form. We will reply as soon as possible.

Family Counselor

ValdeSerra International School counts on a family counsel department, in which there are professionals that specialize in psychology, speech therapy, early age attention and educational difficulties.

In addition to working with teachers and students, the family counsel department can advise families in academical aspects like learning difficulties or routes related to professional expectations. But also, in any aspect that is related to the school life of their children, like the adaptation when they enter the school for the first time, emotional difficulties and the coexistence that appears related to each age group, etc.

This service is offered through the school for families and also through individual appointments, which would be arranged preferably by the tutors.

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